Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Housing Fair 2011 by HUDCC

By Jay Castillo

Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Chairperson Jejomar C. Binay announces the holding of the 6th Housing Fair from September 30 to October 2, 2011. The annual housing fair will be held at Mega Trade Hall 1 of the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. I really look forward to attending the Philippine Housing Fair 2011, just like the previous housing fairs I have also attended.

6th Philippine Housing Fair 2011

The 2011 Housing Fair is a joint project of HUDCC, its member Key Shelter Agencies (KSAs) and Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), namely the Pag-IBIG Fund, SSS, GSIS, Home Guaranty Corporation (HGC), Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation (NHMFC), National Housing Authority (NHA), Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC), and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

These participating government agencies will showcase their acquired assets inventory of thousands of foreclosed house and lots for sale located in different areas in Metro Manila and its environs.

Guided by the theme, “Gaganda ang Buhay sa Sariling Bahay”, Housing Fair 2011 aims to enable the Filipino public, particularly government and private employees, as well as families of OFWs, to lead better lives by acquiring their own housing units at affordable prices.

This year’s fair further puts emphasis on housing ventures being eco-friendly and conscious of the environmental issues the world currently faces.

HUDCC and its members will also be joined by their partners from the private sector – Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations (CREBA), National Real Estate Association, Inc. (NREA), Organization of Socialized Housing Developers of the Philippines (OSHDP), Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) – and other partners from banks and allied industries.

If you are interested in participating in the exhibit, please accomplish the attached Exhibitor Confirmation form or you may contact Ms. Gilda Torres of the HUDCC at telephone number 817-6995.

Thanks again to Ms. Gilda for allowing me to share the press release above to all readers and subscribers of www.foreclosurephilippines.com.

Don’t forget to share this to your friends or relatives who might be looking for affordable homes.

Happy hunting!

To our success and financial freedom!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11 Kumon Secrets To Mastering Real Estate Investing

By Ronald Cagape

#1. Emphasis on Fundamentals

In Math, the Kumon method focuses on mastering fundamental computations. The focus is not on developing analytical skills or word-problem solving but rather on computational mastery. The objective is to develop the skill of computation at the calculus level.

If an 8-year-old can solve integral calculus at grade 2, I can imagine that the development of analytical skills will come easily as they grow older.

In real estate investing, I highly recommend you to master the skill of property valuation and investment analysis. In my opinion, these are fundamental skills for any investor because you need to buy at the right price and know if an investment is profitable or not.

When you have mastered these fundamental skills, you are able to develop rules of thumb for analyzing a property. One of our investors has a rule of thumb that if a property can be acquired for 100 times the monthly rent, it’s a good deal. He doesn’t stress about computing the expenses, taxes and selling price anymore.
#2. Mastery of Fundamentals Creates Extra Time

By learning the fundamentals early on, the student gets more time to study and prepare for the more difficult subjects. They don’t have to spend so much time and effort on solving an equation. As long as the equation is setup, solving it becomes a fairly easy exercise.

by jeffmontgomery

In the same vein, the real estate investor should spend more time on developing business systems, negotiating deals and expanding his network. Analyzing a property should be done quickly. This can be done by doing the next secret.
#3. Begin At A Low Starting Point

Do the easy work first. Sometimes, parents are surprised that their children are made to do addition or subtraction drills when they are already at the high school level. But Kumon does this because the child has not displayed mastery yet.

Sure, they know how to do arithmetic operations but knowing and mastering are two different things.

That’s why the child has to start a low-point. Master the easy stuff first before going to big things.

In real estate investing, master the small deals first before going to the bigger and more complex deals. Some people want to jump right ahead to the big deals but they don’t know how to do basic stuff.

And they expect to do it no-money-down using other people’s money.
#4. Work Daily For 30-45 Minutes

Kumon is done for 30-45 minutes everyday. Literally everyday.

No holidays and no vacations. You do Kumon in the center twice a week then take some homework to do everyday.

Photo by plaskota

If a holiday is coming, you have to pickup the homework in advance. You do Kumon on Christmas, New Year, Holy Week and on your birthday.

No wonder the children become masters.

If you are working right now, you may not have a lot of time but allot an hour everyday to real estate investing. The Kumon kids are also busy with schoolwork so time should not be an excuse.

All you need to do is devote one hour everyday to analyzing properties.
#5. Develop Speed And Accuracy

Mastery is shown by the ability to do computations with speed and accuracy. Solve this in 7 seconds without using a calculator, what is 238 x 67?

You know you’ve reached mastery when you complete the fundamental stuff quickly.

Speed and accuracy is the product of all that daily work. When you work at it everyday, you will master it.

That was also one of the premises of the book, Outliers, where one of the biggest keys to success is practicing a specific task for 10,000 hours.
#6. Learn At Your Own Pace

The beauty of the Kumon method is the student learns at their own pace. They are not pressured to be at the same level as their classmates. They learn at their own pace.

Real estate investing is very simple yet very complex at times also. Different markets, different properties and different people lead to different results.

Photo by Orbz

So learn at your own pace. If you’re a beginner in real estate investing and you’re just starting out, don’t be in a hurry to do your first deal next week. Work at developing mastery and it will all play out in due time.

#7. Develop Self-Learning

This one really surprised me but the Kumon method teaches the children how to learn themselves. I mean, if you told me that I can learn calculus all by myself then I would tell you you’re crazy.

But somehow that is true with Kumon kids. They learn by themselves. They are taught learning techniques so that they don’t become dependent on their instructors.

This is almost counter-intuitive to everything I believe in real estate investing. I’ve always believed mentors are a powerful shortcut to success and well, I still do.

But what if the mentor can’t answer the question? What if the mentor, who is also human, makes a mistake?

In that case, you really should take responsibility since it’s your own business anyway. Look at it this way. When it all works out, you will enjoy the fruits of that deal. You will reap the profits.

Sure, still seek out mentors but develop that hunger and ability for learning on your own. When you solve problems on your own, you develop that belief and confidence in yourself that you can overcome problems. What can stop you from achieving your goals when you develop that?

Photo by Roslan Tangah
#8. Correct Your Own Mistakes

Well, related to the point above is this point. Kumon kids are encouraged to correct their own mistakes. The instructor guides them to determining the mistake then they just correct the mistake.

In the field, you may not always have the luxury of having a mentor check your work. So if something goes wrong and things don’t work as expected, you have to know how to identify the mistake and correct it.

As an investor, especially when you use other people’s money, you should be responsible to correct any mistakes when a deal breaks down. When a property is making money, everyone is happy but when it’s not, the investor should recognize the mistakes and correct them.
#9. Long Term Commitment

It’s a long-term commitment. Kumon kids don’t become calculus masters overnight. It’s a product of continuous, daily exercise, 30-45 minutes everyday. In fact, the instructor mentioned that parents should be prepared to invest around 3 years in Kumon and complete the whole program all the way to calculus.

Remember the Outliers, it takes 10,000 hours to become the best. If 10,000 is too big a number to digest then start with 1,000 hours. According to Michael Masterson, 1,000 hours is enough to be competent at anything. That is true for real estate investing.

Photo by poldervaart

And you need to persevere.

#10. Persevere

Many Kumon kids almost quit.

It’s true. As good as the program is, it’s not easy for the kids who have to grapple with school work plus the additional daily Kumon work. While the kid is grappling with school projects, assignments, reports and quarterly exams, they also have to put in that extra hour of work to finish the Kumon assignments.

They may have to make sacrifices by not watching TV, playing games or going out with playmates.

But those who persevered were rewarded. I can only imagine what these kids will accomplish in the future.

And I can only imagine what you can accomplish if you will persist in real estate investing. It’s not all a bed of roses as some would lead you to think. There are many challenges along the way. You will probably have sleepless nights, empty pockets and many sacrifices.

But those who persevere will be rewarded. Many of the rich made money or keep their money in real estate. If you want to be rich, real estate is a sure and proven way but only if you will learn the lessons and persist along the way.

Here’s the key to help you persevere.
#11. Love And Passion First

Toru Kumon developed the Kumon method because he loved his son. He wanted to help his son overcome his difficulty. He initially bought materials for his son to work on and when he ran out of materials, he created them himself. He created worksheets everyday for his son to work on. He created those early Kumon worksheets by hand.

He did not do it because he wanted to make money. He did it because he loved his son.

That is a lesson for everyone whether you decide to go into real estate investing or not. In fact, even before you get into investing or if you are deep into learning it, try to step back and ask, “Why are you really doing this? Why are you making the sacrifice? Why are you putting up with the difficulty?”

Without love and passion, anything becomes a chore. But with love and passion, everything becomes bearable. And in real estate investing, success and profit will follow.

Thanks Ronald for the wonderful article, it will truly help us to be a successful real estate investor.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to convince an owner of a "no money down" offer

By: Trace Trajano
The worst way for you to convince an owner of a "no money down" offer is by saying the words "I will make you a 'no money down' offer." That just won't work because it's ridiculous. It's as ridiculous as approaching a girl for the first time and asking her "Will you marry me?"

In this email I will reveal how you can make a "no money down" offer to a seller and he will thank you for it.

Well before I reveal to you the sec.ret, let me just preface this by saying that...a 'no money down' offer won't work for all sellers. It will only work for a motivated seller. A motivated seller is a seller who needs to sell his property. A motivated seller is desperate for a solution to his real estate problems.

An example of a motivated seller is a seller who needs to go abroad for a job immediately. His choices are very limited. He either loses his opportunity to go abroad or makes money with his property. Chances are good he would rather breakeven or even lose money with his property rather than lose a job opportunity. If you can come in and solve the seller's dilemma, you can buy his property with 'no money down'. You can make him an offer like this: "What if I take over your mortgage payment so you don't have to worry about it?" Notice, you did not offer a downpayment - hence, it's a "no money down" deal to you and it's a good deal for the seller. Of course before you make this offer, you have to be able to follow through with it in case the seller says "yes".

In my last real estate seminar, I will reveal different ways to acquire properties with 'no money down' or 'no money out' - and more importantly, how you can make money with it.

Dedicated to your success,


P.S. I will cover "taking over the mortgage payment" and other "no money down" techniques in just one of the 4 modules or mini-seminars (4 hours of content-rich seminar) in my last TRQ Seminar. C.lick H.ERE to learn how to acquire properties with "no money down" and more importantly, how to make money from it.

DISCLAIMER: the above email does not represent legal, investment, real estate or financial advice. Consult your licensed professionals before investing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

6 Sources of Undervalued Real Estate

By Ronald Cagape

Profit is made when you buy. If you buy at the right price, you will have room to sell quickly at still a good price. If you buy too high, you can be stuck with an overpriced turkey.

Under normal circumstances, real estate is bought at market value. Market value is the price that a willing buyer and willingseller meet. Both parties are under no undue pressure to buy or sell.

As an investor, you’d rather be in abnormal circumstances. When buying, you’d rather deal with a motivated seller, someone who needed to sell yesterday.

Examples of motivated sellers are those under foreclosure, moving to another country in 2 weeks or undergoing a critical operation.

Sometimes, a seller may not be motivated but they have an incorrect assessment of the current market value. Maybe their old or they inherited the property and would just like to convert it to cash.

So, where do you find these good deals? Here are 6 sources for you to look at.

Online Ads – as more and more people get access to the internet, you’ll find more and more amateur sellers try to market their property themselves. They would go on online classifieds such as Sulit, AyosDito or OLX. You have to look at the online classifieds regularly because you don’t know when a bargain comes up.
Newspaper Ads – Manila Bulletin and Buy and Sell are the two common media that motivated sellers advertise on. The motivated ones usually just post 1 or 2 line ads because they are budgeting their money so you may not see the keywords that flag them as motivated. Call them anyway if they are in your target area.
Foreclosure Lists – although banks are not as motivated now as before, you may still catch them sleeping on the job. Many banks, especially those that acquire other banks, can still make mistakes in getting the value of non-performing assets. Note that banks are not property investors so try as they may to sell properties at market value, there’s still 1 or 2 that can be acquired at a bargain.
Property Auctions – auction houses also sell bank foreclosed assets so similar to #3, you can find good deals in these auctions.
Your Neighborhood – not all sellers advertise, especially those that are under foreclosure and don’t have money. Make it a point to look in your neighborhood. Look at all signs and call them. Better yet, be connected to the neighborhood “tsismis” (gossip). You just may find something in the neighborhood.
Your Network – motivated sellers are usually under a great deal of financial stress. Most of them will not proclaim it to the public. If one of your friends or relatives is under stress, you may just be the person to help them. Who better to help them than someone they trust? Of course, you can always just let them comes to us.

These 6 sources are a good place to start looking for below-market value properties. If you find one, let me know and let’s do business.

Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Sell a House Before You Buy It

By Trace Trajano
A lot of real estate investors and real estate agents complain to me that finding buyers is very hard. And I can relate. There are houses that I couldn't sell myself despite my best efforts. What's worse is when the market in the US collapsed, selling became difficult if not close to impossible. As a result, I lost money on some properties and worse, I lost not just my money but my investors' money as well.

So what I've realized is that the key to success in "quick cash real estate" is that you have to "sell houses before you buy them". How do you do this? Find buyers first, then look for the properties that fit their needs. It sounds so simple but it's harder to execute in practice. For starters: how do you find buyers without having a property to sell first?

There are ways around it of course, even if you're not a licensed real estate agent. I created a video that shows you the blueprint on how to find buyers even if you don't have a property for sale yet and this is perfectly legal under the RESA law.


DISCLAIMER: the above email and the video do not represent legal, investment, real estate or financial advice. Consult your licensed professional first before investing.

dedicated to your success,


P.S. I have a buyer for a commercial building in Makati for around P50 Million. He wants a 12% cash-on-cash return and he can pay spot cash (this means the income of the building after paying off all the expenses should be at least P500,000 a month). If you have buildings that fit these requirements, email t

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Build Townhomes for No Money Down

Trace Trajano was the guest-expert on TV on the Global News Network
(http://gnnchannel.com/). One of the viewers sent a text message
asking how he can build townhomes for "no money down". He said
that he inherited 2 lots and he's thinking of building 6 townhomes
on them.

Here's Trace's answer:
1. Sell one of the lots to raise some cash
2. Use this cash as downpayment to get a loan to build 3 townhomes
3. Sell two of the townhomes to pay off the debt (mortgage)
4. Keep one of the townhomes for cashflow (and since there's no more
mortgage, the cashflow on one townhome is HUGE!)
NOTE: you have to get 3 titles for the 3 townhomes so you can sell them...

In that TV guesting, they also interviewed Trace's students. Two of
them are Grace Pekson and Lynn Monsanto.

Grace Pekson is Trace's student who became a real estate millionaire
the fastest. She became a real estate millionaire in just 5 months!
Grace told me yesterday that she has already earned her second million in
real estate and what's amazing is that she earned her second
million in just 2 months!

Lynn Monsanto earned P850,000 already in just 3 months. Her goal
is to surpass Grace and become my student who became a
real estate millionaire the fastest.

Both of these ladies first met Trace at his real estate seminar. And
their lives have been changed forever.

Trace want to change our life too. Attend on March 9, 7-10 PM
at his first ever "Quick Cash Real Estate Seminar". Here are the
details and how you can sign up.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

If a Stay at Home Mom Can Make It in Real Estate...Why Can't You

Rose Vistan is sick and tired of working for one of the biggest companies in
the Philippines.

She decided enough is enough about the corporate world and she decided
to spend more time with her family.

There was one problem: MONEY - or more precisely, the lack of it.

Rose decided to learn real estate investing. She took it seriously.
She learned everything that is to learn about it. She even got a coach
to guide her.

The result?

She got her first real estate deal done that has a gross profit of P150,000
(she shared this with another student of mine - Drew Nable).

If a stay-at-home mom can do this...why can't you?

You might be thinking "It's easy for Rose since she can do it full time."

What about this: Lynn Monsanto is a full time consultant. She attended
my "Think Rich Quick" seminar and joined the Apprentice Challenge.

Just two weeks into the challenge, she sold 2 townhomes and made a
profit of P500,000.

Lynn is also a mom and with her full time job, joining the Apprentice Challenge
was quite...challenging. But it changed her life forever.

I am here to change your life...if you choose to do so.

It's not going to be easy but if you apply what I am going to tell you
making money in real estate is not only possible...but you can make
BIG money in a relatively short span of time.

The question is: are you the one I am looking for?

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Are you dedicated and committed to succeed like Rose and Lynn?

Or are you like the majority of people who just want to "try" real estate investing?

Here's my advice: do not TRY real state investing. Instead COMMIT to succeeding
in real estate investing. If you commit, you will declare to everyone that you will
make a MILLION or more in real estate and you will make it before the end of 2011.
Are you willing to make a public declaration of your goal? If NOT, you are NOT
committed. If you are...then I will gladly accept you as my student and I will help
you achieve your goal...I will help you realize your dreams.

I remain...

dedicated to your success,


P.S. My "Quick Cash Real Estate Seminar" is quickly being filled. Register and
reserve your seat NOW by clicking THIS LINK. It's the cheapest real estate seminar
in the Philippines and I might NOT do it again.